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Twinkies Coming Back To Store Shelves In July


By now we’ve all heard the story of Hostess’ demise. However, the the Twinkie was too tough to die, and is expected to return to store shelves in July. The new company, Hostess Brands, LLC, will start hiring this weekend in order to full 200 positions and resume operations at the Dolly Madison Bakery in Columbus, Ga., which was one of the locations shuttered last November.

The company’s Executive Vice President, Michael Cramer, also said the following about unions, whose demands forced liquidation of Hostess last year:

As the hiring resumes, it will not be in conjunction with the unions, Cramer said. “We’re sure not going to invite the unions in. We don’t have to do it,” he said. Though of course nothing prevents the workers from unionizing down the line, he said.

If you have concerns about how your beloved Twinkies (on in my case, Devil Dogs) will taste after all the changes, Cramer had the following, soothing words: “Everything will be as delicious and fattening as it always was”.


(via NBC)


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