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The Wienermobile Consummates a Marriage

The Wienermobile really gets around. It recently deflowered a prom couple and now it’s consummated a marriage—all at the ripe old age of 75!

My sister got married this weekend at a church in Dewitt, NY and while we were all getting our photos taken, we saw the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile nearby. We waved to it and, to our surprise, it pulled into the church parking lot! They pulled up to us, handed out wiener whistles and allowed us to take pictures in front of it. Such awesome behavior will certainly ensure that I’ll be picking up a few of their products on my next trip to the store!

Wiener whistles? Sounds like something that’s going to be on the menu later that night. Unfortunately, the groom will never be able to compete.

(via The Consumerist)


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