Oh God: Zima Is Making A Comeback

Zima—the Crystal Pepsi of alcoholic beverages—is making a comeback. Because even things you tried and hated back in the ’90s are suddenly interesting thanks to our insatiable desire for nostalgia.

It was the beverage of choice for ’90s hipsters apparently. And teenagers as I recall.

Holy crap.

On a side note, did you know that the name Zima (the Russian word for “winter”) was the suggestion of Jane Espenson who, at the time, worked for a marketing firm called Lexicon Branding? Espenson, as many of you know, went on to become a nerd legend as a writer for such shows as Firefly, Buffy and Game of Thrones.

Details about the rollout have not been made available, but MillerCoors company spokesman Marty Maloney recently confirmed that Zima will return to store shelves in the near future, stating that, “If you’re one of the zillion fans who have missed Zima, the answer should be clear.”


(via MentalFloss)

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