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A Magical Harry Potter Party

harry potter party 1

What do you do to top the amazing Harry Potter party you threw earlier this year? Easy – have another one! Sugar Bean Bakers went all out to throw a themed party with butterbeer, games, a pensieve, and so much more. She already did a wonderful job with the first magical party, but she took the opportunity of another shindig to outdo herself. I’m impressed by the food and decorations.

Floating Hogwarts acceptance letters and pennants in house colors fluttered in the wind, guests made wands and hunted for unicorns. They were sorted and drank butterbeer and polyjuice potion and found their Patronuses and took a trip to Honeydukes. Between the treats and activities, the guests must have had the best time. I just want to know how I can get put on the guest list for the next themed party!

See more photos from the event after the break.

harry potter party 2

harry potter party 3

harry potter party 4

harry potter party 5

harry potter party 7

harry potter party 8

harry potter party 6

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