Baking Bad: Make Your Own Gingerbread RV, Jesse And Heisenberg

baking bad gingerbread

For some of us, sweets can be as bad an addiction as meth, so there’s something sort of poetic about a gingerbread version of this Breaking Bad RV and little accompanying Heisenberg & Jesse gingerbread men.

Instructable user thekites not only made this thing of beauty, but was kind enough to give us a tutorial so we can all try to cook one up in our own kitchens.

If you make it, I really hope you add some blue rock candy somewhere just for fun.

Head after the break to see more pictures.

baking bad RV 2

baking bad RV 2a

baking bad RV 3

baking bad RV 4

You can check out the tutorial and get the pattern at Instructables.


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