Chocolate Exploration Kits Take You On The Sweetest Journeys [Video]


These Chocolution Exploration Kits allow you to experiment and learn how different spices and chocolates change the taste of everyone’s favorite sweet treat. You can choose the Chocolate Drink Time Traveller Kit, Cacao Bean Botanist Kit, or Raw Chocolate Explorer Kit.

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Chocolate Drink Time Traveller Kit Contents:

Information and recipe leaflet
6 x 22g Chocolate tablets:
Cacao mass, cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, cacao solids 70%
Enclosed spices / flavours:
Chilli powder
Black pepper ground
Jasmine flowers
Lemon peel ground
Nutmeg ground
Anise ground
Almond ground
Cinnamon ground
Vanilla ground

Cacao Bean Botanist Kit Contents:

Information and recipe leaflet
100ml Sweet Freedom: 100% natural sweetener
50g Arriba Beans: Heirloom variety, Ecuador
50g Criollo Beans: Creole variety, Peru
50g Trinitario Beans: Millot plantation, Madagascar
50g Trinitario Beans: Carupano Corona, Venezuela

Raw Chocolate Explorer Contents:

Information and recipe leaflet.
100ml Sweet Freedom: 100% natural sweetener
50g Cacao Beans: Ecuador, Arriba
50g Cacao Mass: Ecuador, Arriba
50g Cacao Butter: Ecuador, Arriba
50g Cacao Powder: Ecuador, Arriba

There’s also a demonstration video for each kit so you have an idea of what to expect and can see how to make your chocolate concoctions when your kit arrives.

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