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Creepy Sausage People Are The Latest Trend In Japan

hot dog people header

Japan normally has the market cornered on cute food, but they’ve taken a creepy turn with their newest trend. They’re adding cocktail weiners to bento boxes, but before the sausages are carefully placed, they’re cut to look like people. The bright red, tiny sausage people get little arms, a mouth, and eyes. They look like they’re going to come to life while they’re in my mouth. No thanks.

Photo by kiyoshun.

See more of the happy but weird sausages after the break.

hot dog people 1

hot dog people 2

Photo by atsu1143.

hot dog people 3

Photo by atsu1143.

hot dog people 4

Photo by atsu1143.

hot dog people 5

Photo by nonoh.

(RocketNews24 via GoA)


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