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Crumb Caked Beards Get Their Own iOS Game

If you’ve always wanted to be rewarded for being a slob, then check out Crumb Catcher, an upcoming iOS game that challenges players to make a character’s beard as disgusting as possible.

Your goal is to get as many crumbs as possible to stick in your player’s beard. To that end you’ll be served a series of courses at the bottom of the screen. Act fast to choose up to three food items that will combine to form a super dish. Drag that dish to your player’s mouth to make crumbs that fall and (hopefully) stick in their beard. The better the food combo, the more crumbs you’ll get! Or, if you chose poorly, you might get a dud item that makes almost no crumbs. Plus, each character has their likes that generate more crumbs, and their dislikes that they won’t even eat, and might even have a beard that’s small or hard to get stuff stuck in.

Each level offers a crumb goal and a different character – as the levels progress, it becomes harder to reach the goal. Sound good? Then you may want to head over to Beardo Games’ Kickstarter page to make a pledge.

(via Geekosystem)


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