I Can’t Believe These Crazy Mochi Makers Still Have Hands [Video]


Mochi is a rice cake dessert from Japan, and it’s an important part of Japanese culture. In fact, it’s traditional for Japanese families to gather together during the New Year’s holiday to make mochi. The process of making this dessert is called mochitsuki (which means “mochi pounding”).

Speaking of mochi pounding, there are a number of mochi shops throughout Japan that put their own spin on the art. There’s one shop in particular called Nakatanidou that truly stands out. First off, they specialize in yomogimochi (that’s basically mochi that’s mixed with mugwort, which gives the mochi pictured above that iconic green color), and secondly, the shop claims that its mochi makers are the fastest in all of Japan.

You’ll see in the following video that the shop’s mochi-making duo is extremely fast (nothing is sped up, by the way), and they make an excellent team–I mean, there timing is outstanding! Trust me, you’ll be impressed.

Check out the video after the break…

(via Rocket News)


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