Laser Cut Sushi Raises The Bar For Food Artistry

In recent years, Umino Seaweed and international ad agency I&S BBDO joined forces in order to give sushi a new level of artistry.

The process involved using lasers to emblazon dried nori with intricate and beautiful designs from Japanese history or symbology. The designs included mizutama (water drops), sakura (cherry blossoms), kikkou (turtle shell), kumikkou (tortoise shell), and asanoha (hemp).

The process was no doubt delicate, and preventing the seaweed from crumbling required use of a thicker variety from the Sanriku region of Miyagi, Japan.

Sadly, the offerings were only available in a limited run back in 2011, but Make has provided budding food artists with a step-by-step tutorial on replicating the results.

(Toxel via Mashable)

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