Legoland Japan’s Menu Includes Fry Bricks

A new Legoland will be opening in Nagoya, Japan next month, and with it will come a slew of LEGO-inspired foods that will be spread out across the park’s five restaurants and eight food stands.

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The park will be divided into seven zones dubbed “Bricktopia”, “Knight’s Kingdom”, “Pirate Shore”, “Miniland, Factory”, “Lego City”, and “Adventure”. Bricktopia will offer an Abominable Slush in various colors, while hot dogs will be available at the Marina Snack Shack in LEGO City. Additional products include roast beef and French toast in the Knight’s Kingdom zone and chocolate ices packaged in LEGO blocks.

Legoland Japan is slated to open on April 1st.

(Legoland via RN24)


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