Mathematicians Invent Complex New Ways To Cut Perfectly Equal Pizza Slices


A team of mathematicians from Liverpool University have set their minds to work defusing any potential conflicts over who can lay claim to the largest slice of a pizza.

Their effort builds on previous research in the field of exotic pizza slicing, which showed that a pizza could be sliced into six curved slices which could then be sliced in half to produce 12 identical slices, a seen in the first example below. The more recent approach is similar but involves producing an odd number of straight sides which could then be cut up into equal slices, as seen in the second example below.

This method could then be reproduced indefinitely, as seen in the final example below – increasing the number of sides and even adding notch embellishments in a process that will leave you with a cold pizza, pissed guests and a new war over who gets slices with crust.




(arXiv via Giz)


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