Painting Superheroes On Peanuts Looks More Fun Than Eating Them

peanut 1

Artists don’t just use paper and canvas for their work, almost any surface is game – including edibles. Steve Casino has taken his paintbrush to empty peanut shells. It’s a very specialized art, but Casino appears to have it down to a science. He carefully seals each shell, paints it, and puts the finished art in a glass dome. The process takes around 20 hours.

He takes commissions and paints portraits for weddings and as gifts, but as you can see, he’s also tackled several characters from pop culture – especially superheroes. Wolverine is pictured above, but you can also spot Hulk, Captain America, Batman, and many more in Casino’s portfolio.

See more examples of the nerdy painted nuts after the break.

peanut 2

peanut 3

peanut 4

peanut 5

peanut 6

peanut 7

peanut 8

(GGW via SGC)


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