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Pepperoni Pizzas Found In The Wild

pizza 1

Pepperoni pizzas can exist in the wild according to photographer Jonpaul Douglass. He’s been using $5 pizzas from Little Caesars in his photo series titled “Pizza In The Wild.”

Douglass was inspired by seeing pizza graffiti in his neighborhood. Once he found affordable pies of the right size, he started posing them on locations such as a pony, a basketball pole, or just on the ground. It’s a weird and fun series of photos, but mostly I want to rescue all the wasted pizza by putting it in my tummy.

See more of the silly photo series after the break.

pizza 2

pizza 6

pizza 7

pizza 3

pizza 4

pizza 5

See more photos on Jonpaul Douglass’ site.

(Foodiggity via Neatorama)


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