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This Is What $80 Worth Of Pickles On A Burger King Whopper Looks Like


Did you need to know what a Whopper looks like when topped with $80 worth of pickles? I sure as hell didn’t. Yet here we are.

As part of their ongoing series of articles about ordering Whoppers with ridiculous quantities of adornments, RocketNews24 sent one of their Japan-based writers to a Burger King armed with a 10,000 yen bill – approximately $88-ish dollars – and told him to spend the bulk of that money on pickles. Pickles. Having it your way just went horribly wrong.

This burger is adorned with slightly over 700 individual pickles, and weighs in at 1.7 kg (just under four pounds).


The entire ridiculous ordeal – for that is what it is – can be read over on RocketNews24. Just, uh, don’t try to recreate it, eh readers? We can practically guarantee your eyes will be bigger than your stomach on this one, mostly because you’ll be wide-eyed at the shocking amount of vomit.


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