These Rainbow Cheesecakes Don’t Even Look Real

The A Works cafe in Tokyo’s Gakugei Daigaku neighborhood may look rather mundane from the outside, but the interior is a bastion of some of the most unique, colorful cheesecakes you’re likely to find anywhere.

Among the offerings are a “unicorn cheesecake” topped with pink cream and cotton candy, a mint chocolate cheesecake topped with banana, and a rainbow cheesecake served with a lemon wedge stuffed into a squeezer so customers can add their ideal amount of citrus tang.

Slices reportedly sell for 480 yen (US$4.30) and availability tends to be limited. That’s not surprising, since SoraNews24 has confirmed that the flavors of the cheesecakes tend to be as attractive as their appearance.

Head on over to SN24 to check out more pics and details.


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