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Save Stephanie Brown By Sending Waffles To DC Comics [Breakfast Time]

Stephanie Brown isn’t being included in the DC New 52, and her fans are not happy. Over the years Brown has been Batgirl, Robin, and The Spoiler; she’s been a fixture in the DC universe. Annoyed fans have come up with a clever method to get the attention of DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio: they’re sending him waffles.

You see, Stephanie Brown has an affinity for the breakfast treat. She’s seen eating them or mentioning them multiple times throughout her appearances. The group Waffles for Stephanie wants everyone to send waffles to DC headquarters. I think it would definitely send a message, even if it’s not strong enough to change any minds. The group is specifically coordinating for waffles to arrive on August 10th. Why this date?

August, and more specifically August 10th is a very important date. The month of August is when Stephanie’s Batgirl series first started. Unfortunately, August 10th is when the series was cancelled, however it will also, be the day Stephanie comes back in the Smallville series. As such, we intend to celebrate Stephanie’s return after going missing for a year by showing DC how much we care.

If no one at DC Comics wants to be in charge of receiving the waffles, I volunteer! It’s okay to eat breakfast foods sent from strangers, right?

(Bleeding Cool via Blastr)


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