Squeeze The Pus Out of These Mango Fly Larvae Cupcakes

gross cupcakes 1

Under normal circumstances, if you’re served a cupcake and it comes with a pair of tweezers and a glove, you’d probably adamantly refuse to touch it. And you’d be correct. However, when you’re at London’s pop-up cake shop known as Eat Your Heart Out, you just go along with it. Bakers and food artists attend the event and offer up tasty treats displayed in the ickiest ways possible. Yum.

This cupcake takes the prize as far as I’m concerned. Baker Twisted Fondant came up with the Mango Fly Larvae Cupcakes, and they’re gruesome and interactive. You use the tweezers to extract the edible “maggot” in the middle of the cupcake and then you carefully squeeze out mango flavored “pus.” Even though the cupcake is probably delicious, there’s no way I could make it through the procedure. Just looking at the photos is enough to make me want to hurl.

See all the gory details after the break.

gross cupcakes 2

gross cupcakes 3

gross cupcakes 4

gross cupcakes 5

gross cupcakes 6

(Evil Cakehead via Neatorama)


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