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Starbucks Strikes Again


More and more, I’m beginning to think Starbucks has gone full pagan. First, there was the lack of snowflakes (which was totally the work of the Devil) and now they’re sacrificing polar bears and selling them as treats! Throats slit from ear to ear and on display for all to see! They’re supposed to be “scarves”. Yeah right. Polar bears don’t wear scarves. Nice try, Starbucks!

I’d eat one. I won’t even lie. Nommy bloody polar bear goodness, just in time for Yule!

cookie 2

Thank you to reddit user fugaziozbourne, who found and posted these unintentionally morbid treats.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to be humorous in nature and is not intended to disrespect pagans, polar bears, vegetarians, or the poor baker who made these amazeball cookies.

(via iHorror)


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