The Fondoodler Is Like A Hot Glue Gun For Cheese Art


Imagine a hot glue gun that’s filled with cheese. Actually, you don’t need to imagine it, because you’re looking at the real deal right now. Oh yes, you can get crafty with your cheese thanks to The Fondoodler.

  • BIND, BUILD, BITE – It’s hot cheese. Do with it whatever you please.
  • READY TO CHEESE IN 3-2-1 – Start doodling in less than 3 minutes out of the box.
  • CHEESE PROPULSION VALVE – A proprietary cheese propulsion valve allows complete control of cheese-flow with minimal tasty mess.
  • NO CHEESE LEFT BEHIND – All three parts exposed to cheese are removable & dishwasher safe.

“A proprietary cheese propulsion valve”. NASA needs to get a hold of this technology. Check out product videos below.

Here’s hoping they build a caulk gun-sized version for pizza art.

Fondoodler ($25)

(via Laughing Squid)


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