The Glonut Is The Ideal Midnight Snack

We’ve seen glowing cakes and pies in the past, but the concept is at its best when applied to a donut. I mean the name “Glonut” just works.

The Glonut is the brainchild of Black Star Pastry in Sydney, Australia, who explain their creation thusly:

It took a few months of cooking experiments to create something we could be proud of. We thought it would be fun to see people with glow in the dark icing all over their hands and faces so donuts were the natural choice. Then we came up with the name “glonut” which really sealed the deal. The glonut is based on our BlackStar donut which is like a brioche with half the butter, so it is light to eat and not at all greasy. The magic is in the icing which glows in the dark under blacklight.

The ingredient that makes the icing glow is made from vitamin B, which in itself is quite acidic. We decided to ice the donut in yuzu glaze, which is also quite tart, so there is a balance of sweet and sour on the buttery donut.

Not surprisingly, the Glonut is very Instagramable:

#GLOW-NUTS – glow in the dark doughnuts only at our vivid pop up in Martin Place from 5:30pm daily for the next 18 days

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GLONUTS AT VIVID BY @blackstarpastry 🍩

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Glonuts will be available at the Black Star Pastry pop-up during Sydney’s Vivid festival which runs until June 17.

(via Cosmopolitan)


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