This Ice Cream Changes Colors As You Lick It [Video]


Manuel Linares, a 37-year-old Spanish physicist, electronic engineer, chef and unofficial ice cream connoisseur, has created a special ice cream that gradually changes color as it melts. The patent for the ice cream is currently pending, but he mentions that the ice cream–which he calls “Xamaleón”–is “entirely made with natural ingredients.”

Folks who have tried the ice cream have mentioned that it tastes rather fruity. Manuel (he created the ice cream as part of his master thesis) mentions that Xamaleón changes color simply because of its chemistry. “Any food can change color depending on temperature and oxidation,” he says.

When the ice cream is first served, it’s purple. Then, a spray (what Manuel calls a “love elixir”) is added, and the ice cream gradually changes to a deep pink in under 30 seconds.

Check out a “transformation” pic after the break, along with a video of the ice cream changing color…


(Sploid and The Blaze)


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