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This Lady Went On An Emoji Diet For One Week


The world of emojis has brought a different way to communicate in texts and on social media. I especially like using the mini illustrations to show what I’m eating, but there aren’t emoji for everything. When Kelsey Rexroat of The Atlantic realized that many every day foods weren’t represented in emoji, she decided to take on a diet based only on the 59 food-themed emojis from bananas to rice. She broke down the foods eaten each day and part of the fun was figuring out what exact foods some emoji depicted. On Day Two:

For dinner, it’s time to face down my fear of the unknown: Specifically, the mystery brown shapes on a stick. I’m relieved to learn that though this emoji resembles some primitive meat-based weapon, it’s actually oden, a soul-food dish of varying ingredients such as eggs and fish cakes stewed in a dashi broth. Like many of the foods, it reflects emoji’s origins as a character set created for a Japanese phone operator in 1999. If Western users feel that the characters aren’t representative of their daily diets, it’s because they were never expected to catch on globally.

It’s an interesting diet, and since it was only for seven days, there wasn’t much harm in doing something this off the wall. The plan even led to her trying new edibles. Of course, she also noted that emoji aren’t really an ideal diet for weight loss due to an emphasis on white rice, alcohol and desserts.

(Grub Street via Eater)


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