This Star Wars Rebels Party Has Awesome Zeb Oreos

rebels party 1

Giselle Yeaegi Park of The Busy Spatula rocks theme parties, and she recently created one inspired by Star Wars Rebels. The Disney animated series features memorable characters and locations, and Park included several of them in her large spread.

She made a tablescape of yellow turf and clay mountains so that the table resembled Lothal. She also created many themed foods, but my favorite is the incredible dessert pictured above. They’re Zeb Orrelios Oreos! It looks like they’re covered in purple fondant and decorated with candy eyes and glitter. They’re creative and cute.

See more pictures from the Star Wars Rebels party after the break.

rebels party 2

rebels party 3

rebels party 4

More pictures at The Busy Spatula.

(via Vanessa Marshall)


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