This Is What It’s Like To Visit Mario-Themed Cafes In Tokyo


Well, here’s another reason why you should start planning a trip to Japan. In honor of Mario’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo joined up with Tower Record Cafes to open three Super Mario-themed cafes in Tokyo’s Shibuya, Omotesando and Ebisu districts.

Kyle McLain is a diehard Nintendo fan, and he recently stopped by those three cafes (which are around for a limited time only) and documented his experience on Twitter.

Check out Kyle’s Tweets after the break…

Kyle first stopped by the cafe in Shibuya, which featured some nice touches like warp pipes and a big 8-bit Mario.

The Omotesando cafe featured tons of “giant plushies of various Mario characters everywhere,” Kyle told Kotaku.

Kyle also popped into the cafe in Ebisu, and he noted that it had a sort of “Japanese Hard Rock Cafe-lite style setup.”

“The walls were littered with all sorts of rock and roll goods, and they actually did a fairly good job of melding the Mario stuff in with it. My favorite were the various 8-bit Mario sprites mixed in with some album covers,” he said to Kotaku.

(via Kotaku)


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