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Topless Burgers Scanned For Your Artistic Perusal


Photographer Jon Feinstein has an interesting choice of subjects—fast food sandwiches with their tops off.

In this case, he scans rather than photographs. Why would a man take the top off a Whopper and place it face down on a scanner? He explains, “The process of placing the food onto a scanner gave the food a strange, specimen-like quality that could not be achieved in the same way if I were photographing it with a camera.”

It’s an interesting project that inspires a mix of amusement, nose wrinkling and, in my case, a bit of shame that I can identify pretty much all of these.

Is it art? How do I know? I leave that up to other people to decide. However, I can tell you that a smushed chili dog looks sort of appetizing.

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(via 22 Words)


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