Use An iPhone Gadget To Smell Grilled Meat [Video]

meat phone

Do you really like the smell of meat? You could carry around a grilled steak in your pocket all the time, or you could track down a Japanese-made gadget that sprays out smells every carnivore loves. It sounds bizarre – and it is – but it’s an actual product called Hana Yakiniku. The emitter pops into your iPhone’s headphone jack, and you use an app to choose one of three scents for it to spray: short ribs, beef tongue, and buttered potato. Cartridges inside the device produce the smells.

Think of the potential! You could use it to distract animals, or you could pipe in the smell any time you’re having a dull meal (like plain white rice) to make it more appetizing. There’s potential. It will be out in Japan on November 15 and will cost around $35.

See how it works in the video after the break.

(IT Media via Kotaku)


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