Watch Someone Attempt To Eat The Entire Hobbit Menu at Denny’s [Video]

Sometimes the whole “just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should” bit of advice is painfully appropriate, but apparently no one has ever shared it with competitive eater Jamie “The Bear” McDonald. He recently sat down to eat the entirety of The Hobbit menu at Denny’s in one sitting. On purpose. While sober.

There are so many reasons why that’s a poor decision, but mainly – it’s Denny’s. Eating large amounts of food there is going to lead to a probably expected journey to the restroom. If you’re going to embrace the appetite of a hobbit, at least get someone to make the food for you at home. It would end better for everyone.

But hey, I’m not a competitive eater so what do I know? Watch the video after the break to see how McDonald fares.



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