Avengers Assemble My Cocktail!


A group called Secret of Booze has a series of YouTube videos that celebrate spirits and nerdiness in perfect harmony. Their latest show is dedicated to drinks based on the Avengers including Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and of course Captain America. Each episode features your host actually walking you through the mixing for each drink with ingredients posted below the video for reference.

These are going to be perfect for your Age of Ultron themed party! Check out all the videos after the break.

Captain America

1/3 shot Blue Curacao (Blue Layer)
1/3 shot Rum Chata (White Layer)
1/3 shot Grenadine (Red Layer)

Layer a shot using Grenadine on the bottom, then Rum Chata and finally Blue Curacao.

Iron Man

1 Shot of Orange Juice
1.5 oz Amaretto
Splash of Grenadine

Then take 1.5 oz of Amaretto and a splash of Grenadine mix and pour into a low ball glass. Then fill shot glass with Orange Juice. Place the shot glass carefully into the lowball glass. Making your drink now look like the chest plats of the famous Red and Gold man in armor.

*Note it is MUCH easier to drink than one would think. The shot glass will slide to the edge of the glass when you go to drink. The two liquids will pour into your mouth at the same rate and mix perfectly in your mouth. Leaving you with a perfect medley of flavor and satisfaction.*


Pineapple Rum

Pour 1 shot of Pineapple Rum into the Glass. Then Pour in about 5 oz’ of Surge, 1 oz of Vodka, Add a ball of ice or layer the seltzer on top. Pour the drink into a series of 4 glasses that vary in height/size.


4 oz Mead
1.5 oz Spiced Whiskey
Splash of Grenadine

Directions add all into shaker mix and pour. DONT STRAIN!


Silver and Black Metallic Powder
1/2 shot Gin
1/2 shot Blue Raspberry Mix


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