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Bake Delicious Mushroom Bread From Myst

Myst was the first game that made me realize that I like looking around and exploring video games much more than I like actually playing them. It’s beautiful, and the world-building within the game is impressive. There are so many details and in my opinion, it’s the little stuff that makes any fantasy setting more believable and fun.

One of those details was the mention of mushroom bread. Gourmet Gaming noticed it and decided to come up with a recipe:

…mushroom spore bread from the Teledahn, or ‘Mushroom’, Age. A delicacy for the elite, spores were harvested so furiously to make the outstanding Mushroom Bread all resources dried up, and the age had to be abandoned.

Solving puzzles is tiring work after all, and you’ll need sustenance. If you’ve made bread before, I bet you can make this recipe. It seems straightforward and should yield a soft bread that’s made for butter, herb spreads, or eating right from the loaf. Get the recipe at the link below!

(Gourmet Gaming via Kotaku)


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