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Git Wrekt On This ‘Dark Souls’ Estus Healing Potion Recipe


Fun fact, Nerdalistas – I’m neither a drinker nor a Dark Souls fan, so I’m absolutely the right person to tell you about this adult beverage based on a healing potion from what is apparently everybody’s favorite roleplaying game.

The team at The Geeky Chef have provided a recipe based on the game’s Estus potion which includes, among other ingredients, orange juice, ginger beer and – no, but yes! – cinnamon whiskey. You then serve the concoction in a tiny glass bottle for authenticity’s sake, I guess.

One of these and your HP will be restored, giving you the strength and courage you need to save Middle-Earth (or something). Just remember that alcohol doesn’t actually have healing properties and is, in actual fact, a depressant, so you may find yourself less inclined to rescue Muggles (or whatever) and more likely to burst into tears and loudly asking why Jennifer left you. Why, Jennifer? We were so good together.

(via Technabob)


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