Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook

Who superfan Chris-Rachel Oseland has created a cookbook that offers original recipes to compliment every episode of Doctor Who since the 2005 reboot:

This book is a treat for any Whovian who wants to offer more than a plate of fish fingers and a bowl of custard at your next viewing party. Want to host an elegant dinner party to show off your new Tardis corset? Start the evening with a Two Streams Garden Cocktail followed by Baked Hath, Marble Cucumber Circuits with Vesuvian Fire Dipping Sauce, Professor Yana’s Gluten Neutrino Map Binder, Slitheen Eggs, and some of Kazran’s Night Sky Fog Cups for dessert. If you’re just getting a few friends together to watch the latest episode, why not offer them an Ood Mezze Plate to munch on as stragglers wander in followed by some quick and easy Fish Custard Tacos, Open Faced Dalek Ironsides, Sontaran Soldiers, and a Cinnamon Pull Apart Crack in the Wall. They can wash it all down with a cup of the Pond’s Wedding Punch.

Besides its nerdy theme, the cookbook includes eighteen adult beverages, more than two dozen recipes for vegetarians, twenty that are safe for people with wheat allergies, and ten for low carb dieters. It also includes 50 full color photos and a bonus chapter dedicated to interesting alternative takes on fish fingers and custard.

Product Page: ($19.99 or $7.99 for the Kindle edition via BB)


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