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Learn How To Summon Cthulhu With Strawberries [Recipes]


The following recipe was shared with us by a purveyor of awesome pies known as @thePieous:

From the depths of R’lyeh rises… a taste sensation!

Don’t have time to make a super fancy dessert for your next Necronomicon bookclub meeting? No worries – you can whip up these adorable little strawberry Cthulhu dessert toppers in less than five minutes and add them to any pre-made treat. See how it’s done in the recipe below.



Step 1 – Consult the cutting blueprint, then select one large strawberry for each Cthulhu you want to call forth into unholy existence.


Step 2 – Chop the strawberries into three pieces of roughly equal thickness.



Step 3 – Cut out the wings using one of the end pieces.


Step 4 – Cut out the four large tentacles using the middle piece. Keep the scraps for later.


Step 5 – Cut out the head shape using the last end piece, and between 3 to 5 mouth tentacles depending on how large your strawberry is.


Step 6 – Cut slots for the eyes, and pop in small chocolate balls or the edible eyeball material of your choice.


Step 7 – If you are placing your Cthulhus on a tart or something sunken like this, use your berry scraps now to build up the center a bit before placing the wings on.


Step 8 – Place the long tentacles next and arrange in a pleasing/horrifying fashion.



Step 9 – Finally put the head on, and serve!


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