Moment of Brilliance Leads To The Grilled Cheese Taco


Dan Whalen of “The Food in my Beard” blog recently had a moment of inspiration that led to the creation of the Grilled Cheese Taco.

In place of tortillas or shells, Dan calls for grilled cheese sandwiches made from bread sliced with a “really long bias”, while the stuffing consists of conventional taco favorites.

“The taste is as you would expect,” Whalen explained. “The flavors of a grilled cheese and a taco in one, but it creates something greater than the sum of its parts because of the crazy way it looks and the texture when ground beef starts to soak into the bread. The crisp lettuce and fresh pico is also important to balance out the heavy bread cheese and meat.”

Thankfully, Dan has created an easy recipe that you can check out here. There’s also an additional mouth-watering pic below.

(Elite Daily via Mashable)


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