Make Potions Class More Fun With These ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Shots

harry shotters

Here’s a truth about Harry Potter fans: just like Harry, Hermoine, and Ron, we grow up. Once we hit drinking age, many of us might want a little something stronger than Butterbeer at our Hogwarts-themed events.

Thanks to Graphic Nerdity, we have a list of “Harry Shotters” recipes that put an alcoholic twist on characters and spells.

Be warned, just like Bertie Botts beans, not all of them are tasty. Apparently, a couple of them are downright “awful”.

Check them out after the break…

harry shotters 2

harry shotters 5

harry shotters 6

harry shotters 7

Head on over to Graphic Nerdity for more recipes.

(via Hello Giggles)


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