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If You’ve Always Wanted to Make Ent Draught, This Post Is For You

The water in Fangorn Forest isn’t exactly normal; the Ents of the woods loved Ent-draught. It’s perfect for them, but it has odd effects on hobbits. Drinking it helped Merry and Pippin become very tall hobbits. I’m not sure whether it will have that effect on humans, but I’d like to try! Food Through the Pages has analyzed the description and context and come up with a couple of versions of Ent-draught that you can try. She says:

The flavor of both draughts is unique, unlike anything I’ve tasted before. They have hints of familiar flavors, but presented in a wholly new way. Despite being dark tea-based brews, the finished draughts are as clear as water. I deem them to be as much of a success as a mere mortal can accomplish.

Hit the link below to check out the recipes!

(via Food Through The Pages)


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