The In-N-Out Burger Pie Is Just…Ugh [Video]


Yeah, wonderful and horrible at the same time.

During a sauna brainstorming session (where the heat obviously affected their brains), Elie Ayrouth and his bro Matt came up with the idea of transforming an In-N-Out burger into a pie. The mission required a set of 4x4s which were added to the pie crust and formed into cubes for use as a filling (with a batter of beaten eggs and half-and-half cream to work as a binding agent).

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The concoction was baked for 30 minutes, topped with slices of cheese, fries, more cheese, and grilled onions, then baked for another 10 minutes to achieve the desired gooey/crispy texture. After a final topping of In-N-Out spread, it was sliced and consumed. Presumably, nobody died.

See it come together in the video below.

(via Foodbeast)


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