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Link’s Alcoholic Green Potion Punch Of Magic [Recipes]

A Zelda-inspired punch from The Insatiable Geek:

2 liters Sprite
1 liter Green Apple Soda
1 cup Vodka
1/2 cup Green Apple Liqueur
1/4 cup Lychee Liqueur

Directions: This drink is a punch meant for parties. Mix all ingredients into a punch bowl, cauldron, boiling flask, or large container of your choosing. Drink whenever you feel the need to restore your magic meter.

A note from the creators: “This has a nice apple flavor (but not too strong), and the lychee adds a nice touch of exotic. Keep in mind we used a 5 liter boiling flask for this monster. So start breaking open pots and bring your rupees to the witch’s hut… or hit up the liquor store.”

(The Insatiable Geek via TDM)


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