Make Your Own Halo Cocktail

Let your love of gaming and booze mingle in the form of Clint Slowik’s new Halo Cocktail. Bust out the recipe below and give your hands a break from hunting Covenant and Prometheans:

1.5 parts Blue Curacao
2 parts Alizé Bleu Passion
2 parts UV Blue Vodka
1 squeeze Blueberry Lemonade Mio
Lemon Lime soda

Directions: Pour the Blue Curacao over ice into a hurricane or equally sexy tall glass. Float Alizé atop Curacao. Float vodka atop Alizé. Gently pour your lemon lime soda nearing the top. Squeeze a shot of blue concentrated flavoring (Mio). She’s waited a long time for this, John. Savor the moment as if it’s your last.

(via TDM)


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