Make Your Own Harley Quinn Jello Shot (Batman Shot)


As part of their “Secret of the Booze” video series, Aggressive Comix paid tribute to Harley Quinn by giving her her own Jello shot. Hit the jump for the recipe and a how to video.

Strawberry Jello Mix
Grape Jello Mix
Whipped Cream
Hot Water

Directions: Same as making any jello shot.

Part 1: Mix 1 Cup Vodka 1 Cup Hot Water and 1 Box of Strawberry Jello. Fill as many shots as possible only half way till you run out of jello mixture.

Part 2: Once Part 1 hardens, mix 1 cup Chambord 1 Cup Hot Water and 1 box of Grape Jello. Pour this mix GENTLY on top of the existing Jello shot.

Part 3: Wait for this layer to harden. Boom Harley Quinn Jello shot.

If you are cool with eating it with a spoon. Then garnish with whip cream and marshmallow on top. (to give you the look and feel of her neck piece.

(via TDM)


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