Make Your Own “Mutagen” TMNT Cocktail


In case you’re wondering, it’s mostly booze with green pop rocks – no pizza or sewer water.

1.5 oz Pineapple Rum
0.5 oz Midori
2oz aloe Mango Drink
1 Bag of Green Pop Rocks
Half a Lime wedge
5 Grapes

Directions: First Rim glass with your green pop rocks. (also Green dyed sugar also works) Add Midori, Pineapple Rum, and Aloe Mango drink into mixing glass and poor into glass over ice. Then add your garnish and drink to mutate. To make the turtle garnish take half a lime and add 5 tooth picks, 1 for each appendage (2 arms 2 legs and 1 head).

Hit the jump to check out a how to vid.

(via TDM)


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