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These Mirror Cakes Look Like They Were Painted And Polished


Mysterious Russian confectioner Olga makes desserts that look like they were painted and polished in an auto body shop.

Her Instagram account features a number of the creations, the secret of which was recently revealed by reddit user SuperDrew124, who provided a list of ingredients and instructions on how to achieve the mirror-like glaze and marbled effect. Check it out below, along with additional examples of Olga’s work.

Ingredients: 20 g Gelatin Powder, 120 g Water, 300 g Glucose, 300 g Sugar, 150 g Water, 200 g Sweetened Cond Milk, 300 g Chocolate (White, Milk, Dark or a combination), Food Coloring

1) Bloom the gelatin in the water;
2) Boil the glucose, sugar & water;
3) Remove from heat and add the gelatin;
4) Add the cond milk;
5) Pour over chocolate and buerre mix to remove air bubbles;
Use at 35C/95F.

The marbling effect is achieved by pouring different color glazes together over the cake.








(via Bored Panda)


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