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Recipe Book Helps You Transform Vending Machine Junk Food

If you’re schedule has you eating from vending machines too often, and you’re sick of the lack of variety, get ready for a recipe revolution called Junk Foodie.

Featuring 51 recipes, Junk Foodie is ready to turn vending machine food into something special. Got a package of cheese and crackers, two packets of mustard, and a packet of ketchup? Guess what? You got what it takes to make Welsh Rarebit! Or maybe you’re staring at a bag of Cheez-Its, a bag of Onion Garlic Chips, a bag of pork rinds and a packet of ketchup? Well, then you’ve got the ingredients to make a Terrine Normande! Junk Foodie turns anyone into a gourmand. With recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond, Junk Foodie is ready to turn boring vending machine fare into exciting pseudo-gourmet meals.

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