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Street Fighter X Tekken Shots Battle [Recipes]

Street Fighter and Tekken square off in a two shot battle. From The Drunken Moogle:

The Hadouken (Ryu) – The shot for Street Fighter’s iconic main man is a firey blend of blue curacao, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, and Bacardi 151, lit on fire and thrown across the bar. For a move a bit more fierce, add more overproof rum on top.

The Flash Kick (Guile) – A layered combination of sour apple pucker, lemon juice, and gold rum. A few of these little guys and you’ll be doing back flips in no time.

Furry Cup (Kuma) – Kuma-n take on kuma’s favourite tipple, when Panda fails to notice his latest advance he slinks his way to the nearest bar and drowns his sorrow with this tasty drink of Baileys, Butterscotch Schnapps, Kahlua, Coffee Patron and cream. Finished with with tree bark (Chocolate) and a chocolate coated rim.

Phoenix Rising (Paul Phoenix) – Tekken’s nearly man, despite battling in every tournament Paul always comes up short, this all american drink takes the classic coke float and gives it a makeover with JD added to the mix and a Chambord foam top, a drink made for Paul in his own image.

(The Drunken Moogle and Loading Bar)


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