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Yes, You Can Make Actual Cookies With Cookie Dough Ice Cream

2014-01-29-baking-1 (dragged) copy

I’ve often contemplated whether or not you could make cookies with cookie dough ice cream, and now I know that it’s possible. Joe Satran of HuffPo Taste took a couple of different ice cream brands–including Edy’s, Turkey Hill and Ben & Jerry’s (yes!)–and removed the cookie dough chunks from the various ice creams using a fine-mesh strainer. He then molded the pieces into pseudo-cookie shapes and popped them into an oven for 15 minutes. The picture above shows the cookie dough bits before they went into the oven.

Check out the results after the break…

2014-01-29-baking-2 (dragged) copy

Not too shabby, right? Satran said the cookies were a “little dry and sweet,” but in the end the ice cream cookie dough actually worked. I think I need to conduct my own experiment with cookie dough ice cream to see if I can get the same results. Because… science. Yep. Science.

(via FoodBeast)


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