A Female Ninja Themed Restaurant Exists But Some Customers Aren’t Happy

ninja restaurant 1

Ninja waiters, you’re doing it wrong.

Some customers of a female ninja themed restaurant in Tokyo (you read that correctly) aren’t happy with appearance of the wait staff. Men no Sato (Noodle Village) employs women who dress like sword-wielding ninjas. They don’t do any stunts, they just look the part. However, people always complain and some have noted that they don’t like the fact that the waitresses have light colored hair to go with their Naruto-inspired costumes. Somehow that makes them less ninja-like. Sigh. I hope the staff doesn’t keep their swords sharpened.

More photos of the waitress-ninjas after the break.

ninja restaurant 2

ninja restaurant 3

ninja restaurant 4

ninja restaurant 5

(via Kotaku / Photos via Twitter)


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