A Look Inside The Game Of Thrones Pop-Up Restaurant In London [Video]

thrones restaurant 2

To mark the season four DVD release, HBO sponsored a Game of Thrones pop-up restaurant in London over the weekend. Complete with banners from the House of Lannister and Baratheon, a giant map of Westeros, and feast-sized dinning tables, it was the menu that sent fans into an epic adventure.

Chosen from 12,000 competition entrants, the winning fans were the special guests lucky enough dine on the 10 course meal. Based on the delicacies from the show, Chef Jamie Hazeel of the catering company The Wandering Chef created a menu fit for a king, or queen. The feast included outrageous dishes such as bone marrow Crème brulee and honey-fried locusts.

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The themed eatery in the Andaz Hotel on the west end of London committed to complete the experience with entertainment and music.

“Guests can also expect a knight, a contortionist, live music and a pair of wandering jesters singing a jaunty ditty titled “Incest is Best.”

Unfortunately, this temporary restaurant is closed after yesterday. But with dishes like poached calf tongue titled “the lies of Tyrion Lannister,” maybe that’s a good thing.

(AP London and NBC)


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