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Australian Restaurant Using iPads For Menus

Chris Lucas, who operates the trendy Pearl restaurant in Melbourne, is in the process of turning over his menus and wine lists to the iPad, becoming the first restaurant in Australia to do so. The new platform will run on specially written interactive software which provides the customer with drill-down data on items, providing price, tasting notes, suggested food matches as well as recipes and producer websites.

However, this advancement will not provide a direct line to the kitchen:

We don’t want the consumer placing the order. There is still a very important role for service staff in a smart restaurant, but the graphics and functionality make this thing a very important resource. I think a lot of traditional restaurant situations can be very intimidating. This is a way to liberate the consumer.”

Lucas believes that this type of thinking will set a precedent, however it will probably be limited to upscale, trendy restaurants.  After all, giving an iPad to a kid is like taking $700 and flushing it down the toilet.

(via The Australian)


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