Chefs Agree: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Isn’t Actually Pizza [Video]

deep dish pizza

Last Fall, John Stewart started a small war when he suggest that deep dish pizza isn’t pizza but “tomato soup in a bread bowl… an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats.” Them there are fightin’ words!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel responded by sending Stewart a “deep dish with dead fish” pizza—suggesting that Stewart would be sleeping with the fishes for the insult to Chicago.

Now, real chefs are weighing in through Eater’s Pizza Week and it looks like they’re agreeing with Stewart. First there’s Graham Eliot of Bistro in Chicago saying,

“Jon Stewart pretty much nailed it…I can easily say, as much pride and love I have for Chicago, the deep dish pizza here is absolutely an abomination… I feel like it’s a lasagna with a crust.”

His thoughts are backed up by David Posey of Chicago’s Blackbird and Andrew Zimmerman of Minneapolis’ Andrew Zimmerman’s Canteen, with only New York’s Mathieu Palombino of Motorino disagreeing saying,

…think it’s for me to say it shouldn’t be called pizza. Some people call it Chicago-style pizza. It is what it is. Yeah, sure. If I go to Chicago, I’ll be trying that for sure. Yes, it is a pizza. I wouldn’t dare say no, this is not a pizza. Because there are people who like it and like doing it.

What do you guys think? Is Chicago Deep Dish pizza or not?

See Stewart’s pizza rant after the break…

(Eater via Geekosystem / Image via SoStark)


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