Man Overhears Stranger’s Diagnosis At Restaurant, Picks Up Tab In Small But Awesome Kindness


If you check the news regularly, you probably don’t have much faith in humanity.

Then there are people like this.

A man having a meal left this note for the waiter along with his credit card when paying his bill. The Huffington Post followed up with the waiter and he explained that two women sitting at a table (he assumed they we’re mother and daughter) broke down mid-meal after receiving a phone call from a doctor with bad news. The waiter posted the note to Reddit with the following comment.

The single guy who had been sitting next to them had been friendly to me all evening, making jokes and such. When he was finished I gave him his check, and inside the billfold was his credit card and the note that I took a picture of. I combined the 2 checks, and he paid for both. I waited until after he had left to tell them their check had been taken care of. The mother was overwhelmed with gratitude, as was I. It was a great evening.

Small kindnesses can mean so much. Faith in humanity is a wonderful feeling.

(via Reddit)


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